My journey

Lynnae Tanner Ruff

Lady Grey Beads specializes in handmade classic statement jewelry. It is a style of jewelry for women who love to feel beautiful, stylish, confident and sparkling everyday. Lady Grey Beads is the epitome of style and sophistication, elegance on a string. It is where fashion meets art. 

Created by the artist Lynnae Tanner Ruff, the jewelry of Lady Grey Beads features natural stones, semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, sparkling Swarovski crystals and Venetian glass in the most beautiful of combinations. She uses a variety of bead weaving techniques, wire crochet and bead stringing. These allow her to weave her unique sense of style into irresistibly beautiful wearable pieces of art. 

About Lynnae

I have always loved pretty rocks, jewelry and dressing up and tea parties. All these things eventually led to Lady Grey Beads. Evoking the glamour and elegance of the 1920-50s, my jewelry is inspired by the beauty and color of natural stones, the miracle and iridescence of pearls, the sparkle of Swarovski crystals and the intense colors of Venetian glass.

I'm often asked about how the name Lady Grey Beads came to be. I am a tea lover and used to host Afternoon Teas years before I was making jewelry. My love for Earl Grey tea earned me the nickname "Lady Grey" by my husband soon after we were married. As I pondered a name for my business, my husband suggested Lady Grey Beads. I loved it immediately. Lady Grey Beads is where good company, fine teas and exquisite artisan handmade jewelry meet. It is the best of all my worlds colliding. 

Welcome to the world of Lady Grey (Beads)! May you sparkle and shine everyday of your life.


Diane's experience

I have this very, very beautiful fresh water pearl necklace, matching bracelet and earrings which were custom made for me by one of the most talented jewelry designers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting -Lynnae Tanner Ruff, Lady Gray Beads.

I literally feel like the most glamorous woman in the world when I wear this exquisite set. Her bead weaving is absolute perfection! ~Dianne

Rachael's experience

I am never disappointed when I open a gift from my husband and find a shiny silver box from Lady Grey Beads! Classy, unique, crafted with care, and sure to be noticed. The only thing more beautiful than the jewelry is the spirit of the artist herself. ~Rachel

Denise's experience

OMG!!! My bracelet is absolutely STUNNING!!! This is certainly the most beautiful bracelet that I have ever owned! I am so proud! ~Denise

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